Introduction of the project


Summary of the project


The aim of the project was to purchase a Raman microspectrometer to support the investigations of natural and sythetic organic and inorganic materials, and a luminescence reader suitable for the determination of the geological/historical age of natural materials. Raman and luminescent measurement technology has seen a tremendous development in the past years. As a result, cutting-edge instrumentation is capable of improved resolution and sensitivity, offering new perspectives in research and applications. At the Institute of Geography and Geology, Eötvös Loránd University, the purchase of the new instruments of outstanding specification for multidisciplinary studies lays the infrastructural foundations, through the study of natural and synthetic materials, for a supporting role in the modelling of geological processes as well as in methodological and metrological development in research and isndutrial applications.

The following researchers were involved in the realisation of the project: Dr. Ferenc Molnár, Dr. Csaba Szabó, Dr. Erzsébet Horváth, Dr. István Dódony, Dr. Gyula Gábris, Dr. György Szakmány, Dr. Tamás Váczi, Dr. Ágnes Novothny, Dr. Tibor Guzmics, Dr. Márta Berkesi, Orsolya Győri, Zsófia Poros, Benedek Gál, Péter Völgyesi.

Instruments purchase in the frame of the project