USGS stage



USGS heating and cooling stage mounted on Zeiss petrographic microscope for fluid inclusion study




UV microscope



FLUOVAL 2 Zeiss UV microscope for petroleum inclusion study




Linkam stages




TS 1500 heating and THMSG 600 heating and cooling stages mounted on Nikon Eclipse E600 petrographic microscope for silicate, carbonatite and sulfide melt and fluid inclusion study

Homogenization experiment of silicate melt inclusions in mantle clinopyroxene at 1000°C



Universal stage



Leitz Universal Stage mounted on a Biolarpetrographic microscope for 3D texture and microstructure analysis




Optical microscopes



Nikon polarizing and stereo research microscopes for transmitted and reflected light microscopy and photomicrography, equipped with image analysis softwares




Sample preparation



Buehler type precision saw and advanced polishers




Heating furnace



High temperature furnace for homogenization experiments




Raman Lab



Horiba LabRamHR800 UV-VIS-NIR with Olympus BXFM microscope , Andor iDUS CCD detector










FEI Quanta 3D scanning electron microscope including FIB, SE, BSE, EDX and EBSD detectors



Microtechnical Lab



Minosecar-2, Buhler (Petro-thin), Buhler (Polisher), Metasinex for rock sectioning, polishing, making either polished or double polished thin sections




Sedimentological and Micromineralogical Lab



Sedimentological and micromineralogical laboratories including Analyzette 22 type of Fritsch Laser Particle Sizerinstrument, Sigma 203 type laboratory centrifuge, mesh sets and magnetic separators




Scanning Electronmicroscope Lab




Microbeam analytical laboratory including AMRAY X 1830 I/T6 scanning electronmicroscope with EDAX PV 9800 ED spectrometer




ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer) Lab at Cooperative Research Center for Environmental Sciences

ICP-MS laboratory including a high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (HR-ICP-MS)(produced by Thermo-Finnigan) equipped with a UP213 deep-UV YAG laser ablation system




Laser Raman Microspectroscopy Lab at Department of Organic Chemistry, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Laser Raman microspectroscopylaboratory including a dispersive, confocal Raman microscope (LabRam type, produced by JobinYvon) equipped with a multichannel CCD detector




Computer Tomography at Institute of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology, University of Kaposvár

Siemens Somatom Plus 4 CT

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